Intensiv sommerworkshop

Intensive summerworkshop, 1.-3. August, 2021 with Athanasia and Germán

The main goal of this 3 days intensive workshop is to reinforce the basics and encourage you to dare into the complex. Each lesson will be full of games and exercises which will increase in difficulty throughout the day.
The workshops will work around 3 main topics:
  • Contact (points of contact, open/close embrace, posture, awareness, intensity and sensation)
  • Musicality (Listening, independence, synchronization, execution)
  • Structure (Positions, lines, steps, figures, combinations)
We will give you the possibility to enhance your dance, awareness and creativity with fun and joy. In other words we will focus our workshops in the advanced basics which is very useful also when you have an advanced level.
This is a great chance for you to learn, have fun and to become a better dancer.
Timeschedule: Sunday at 12.00-15.15, Monday and Tuesday at 17.00-20.15
Level: The minimum requirement is to have completed one Tango 1 season. (=1,5 year of tango).
Price: 1.200 kr. pr. pers. for three days.
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