Our hearts beat for tango

M2tango is a professional tango school where you can attend regular tango classes, workshops and participate in diverse and fun tango events. We offer dance lessons throughout multiple locations in Copenhagen – our goal is to put Denmark on the global tango map!

What might tango offer you?
Diving into argentine tango is a life giving experience. The dance is full of energy, joy and closeness. Guided by our teachers you will learn new ways to communicate without words, explore your personal balance and create intimate and beautiful moments with your dance partner. You might experience that once you’ve started to dance, it will be hard to stop again. 

Get lost in the moment and forget about shopping and everyday stress
When you dance tango, you forget everything about shopping lists and tomorrow’s to-do list. You disappear in the moment and allow yourself to just enjoy the improvising character of the dance. Many describe the tango as a liberating space, a fresh breath of life, where one can explore new sides of themselves. 

At M2Tango we pride ourselves in creating fun and lighthearted experiences, full of sensibility and passion.

What kind of classes do we offer?
At M2tango, we divide teaching into four levels: beginner, intermediate, experienced and advanced. If you are new to tango we suggest you start on the beginner level.
On each level we will guide you thoroughly so that you can develop at your own capacity, feel comfortable in the dance and enjoy expressing your personal stories with the art of tango.

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