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If you are new in the tango-world, and if you are planning to try an intro course or join a beginner’s team, you can read more here.

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Our hearts beats for tango

M2tango is a professional tango study where you can both go for teaching and participate in a lot of fun and challenging tango events. We offer both dance lessons in Hillerød and Copenhagen – and our goal is to put Denmark on the global tango card.

What tango gives you?
Argentine tango is full of life – giving energy, joy and closeness. Once you’ve started the dance, it’s hard to stop again.

Get lost in the moment and forget about shopping and everyday stress
When you dance tango, you forget everything about shopping lists and tomorrow’s to-do list. You disappear in the moment and allow yourself to just enjoy the improvising character of the dance. Many describe the tango as a free space, and an exotic breath to life, where one can use another side by itself than one is used to.

No matter what, we can at least guarantee a fun, liberating and different experience.

What kind of training, can you go to?
In M2tango, we have education in the levels: beginning, easy-going, advanced and advanced. At all levels, we will guide you thoroughly so you can develop, feel comfortable and enjoy the teaching.


Here is an excerpt from our activities

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