Tango Advanced

tango på avanceret niveau

At this level, our goal is that you get the maximum out of your talent and personal expression. Your dance will be challenged on both a practical and a theoretical level so you can become a much sought after dancer at the milongas and maybe a show dancer.

We will develop the nuances and the quality of your dance, perfect your lead-follow technique and your musical interpretation. In regard to the tango repertoire presented for you, only the sky is the limit.

Your level: You are one of those dancers that people notice in the milonga.You are fluent in most tango steps such as colgadas, volcada, enrosques, planeos, circular and linear voleos.

Leaders: Your lead is precise, dynamic, pleasant and with a good rhythmical understanding.

Followers: You follow and express yourself actively with your movements and your embrace is attentive and soft.