Did you get a clips of Tango and are itching to learn this Argentine dance?

You have come to the right place.

In our beginner’s class, we give you a simple and thorough introduction to the basic elements of the tango, such as communication between the leader and the follower, the music and the culture of the tango.
We want you to dance from day one.
Argentine tango is an improvised couples dance, which is about communication between two people. You move in sync with your partner, give and receive impulses and become very focused on your pose and the music.

Tango Beginner is for you who have never tried tango before or have received some intro classes.

Beginners course without a partner will start April 17th with Josefine & Germán. Wednesday 20:20-21:50. Where? Tango Bar, Njalsgade 23.

Beginners course with a partner TBD 

You have to register with a partner. Where?  Kapelvej 46c, 2200, Copenhagen.

Do you need a partner?
You can find one on our FB partner list