tango øvet 2-3 niveau

The goal of the Advanced level is to make you a good social dancer who will feel free and secure on any milonga floor. Musicality and variations will therefore be important features in the curriculum of the class.
We refine the contact and communication, the nuances of lead-follow principles in both open and closed embrace and furthermore work on your sense of movements so you can adapt your dance to different types of tango orchestras. At this level you will learn some of the more striking and complex elements of tango.

Your level: You have aldready been introduced to voleo, scada, giro and gancho. Terms such as parallel and crossed systems are not a surprice for you. You feel comfortable in both open and close embrace and have a broad rhythmical understanding. You have danced between 2 and 4 years. There may be a big leap from Intermiediate to Advanced level, son consider carefully what level suits you best!