Why Argentine Tango?

argentine tango

Argentine tango has always had its own place among couple dances. Tango affects many aspects of life, and is an interest that brings dance, music, poetry, and culture together in what for many becomes a fun and passionate hobby.

German Tango or Argentine Tango 

Are two very different dance styles. German tango belongs to Ballroom dancing and uses elements from the Argentinean tango as an inspiration. German tango is primarily a choreographed competitive ballroom dance. Argentine Tango is an improvised dance, to be danced with different partners at milongas and dance evenings) – and there are no judges.

Tango has become popular

Argentine tango is danced in most major cities in the world. In Copenhagen you can go out and dance tango every night of the week, and find dancers of all ages, sizes and nationalities. In the different tango places the selection of tango music spans from classic tangos from the 1920-1940’s to the electronic and alternative tango. Anything that can be danced to it, you will find there!

Tango Lessons

When taking lessons you will learn that the dance technique revolves around a meeting between two people. This means that a significant part of the instructions in our tango classes are focused on learning to communicate with your partner through movement as well as learning the steps.