Terms & Conditions


Sign-up is binding. To book classes you need a profile in the booking system. After your booking you will pay online. The payment is registered on your bank account 2-3 days after purchase. You will immediately receive a confirmation of sign up and payment by email. 

It is also possible to pay with cash or Dankort at the studio during normal opening hours.


Students on SU get a 25% discount on Season classes.

When you sign up for 2 courses in the same season you get a 20% discount on one of the courses.

If you sign up for your 3rd course in the same season, it’s 50% off the 3rd course! Sign up via the office; the system doesn’t know this rule.

Students at Tangokompaniet (Malmö) attending regular classes get 10% off on courses and workshops – tell us before you register!

Participants at our Beginners classes have free access to Practica El Diego-10: The first 2 seasons of beginners’ classes at M2tango Studio you are our guests at the practica on Tuesdays 19:45-23:30 free of charge! Remember to tell the bartender you are here!

Toll discount: If you cross a toll bridge to join the Practica or Milonga you get a 50% discount on entrance fee

Late Payment and valid duration:

Late Payment: By the first and second late payment reminder you will be charged a fee of DKK 100. After the second late payment reminder, you will be reported to RKI.

Courses & Workshops: Are only valid during the period of the course; substitution of lost classes must occur within the same season as the lost class.

Drop-in Classes: Are valid 6 months from the purchase date.

Private Classes: 1 private class: valid 6 months from the purchase date, 5 private classes: valid 8 months from the purchase date, and 10 private classes: valid 10 months from the purchase date.

M2tango retains the right to:

merge (approximately-same-level) classes with 5 couples or under in one or the other, resulting in class size of no greater than 11 couples

substitute teachers due to illness, travel, exams, etc.

reschedule a class due to illness or other conditions (i.e. hurricane warning)

teach in Danish and/or English as best suits the teachers and participants

put you on the waiting-list for a course should you sign up and your partner does not, resulting in overbookings with half couples

Should some of the above occur after you have signed up and paid, your unused classes will be transferred to a course of a suitable level in the same or a following season, according to your schedule and our availability.

In these cases expiration dates can be prolonged. There is no refund.

Should M2tango cancel a single Workshop due to illness or other conditions and no substitution class is available (teacher/level/date range); the payment for this specific Workshop will be transferred to your booking account for later use.

M2tango will keep your information for the records and submit your data to our booking system. Your personal data will be kept confidential and not abused for marketing purposes, sold, made accessible to third party, or otherwise mistreated.