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Dance Partner

Try to ask your network to see if somebody would like to dance. On Facebook M2tango have a group for dancers, who needs a partner for the classes. Giv e it a try


We recommend that you use shoes that do not press your toes and that are comfortable. Choose some with a sole that does not stick to the floor. Women can start with a pair of shoes that have a low heel and have straps that support the foot well. Men can start with a pair of shoes with a thin, flat sole or a pair of “kinasko” from the supermarket. We have a selection of these in all sizes that you can borrow the first times. Later you can invest in real tango shoes.

Dance Styles

Argentine Tango is danced in an embrace (el abrazo) that can be more or less close. We will teach you how to adapt your embrace so you can dance with many different people and in different styles.

Classes vs. Dancing

Our Tango Classes are based on practicing steps and techniques that enable you to dance tango at the milongas. From an early stage in your training programme we recommend that you come to our 

Milonga El Diego  so you can experience how a dance evening takes place.