Cancellation Policy

aflysninger for undervisningen

It is possible for clients to change their bookings under the following conditions:

A specific class in a Season Course can be substituted with another class at the appropriate level if the course is not fully booked.To do this you need to cancel the specific class online in our booking system no later than 6 hours before the class is scheduled to start. Both you and your partner need to cancel your booking.

See how to book your substitution class (55 sek.)

The substitution class must be in the same season.Expiration dates cannot be prolonged.

Season Courses do not allow guests the last 2 weeks of a season and if the class is marked as ‘Fully Booked’ on the booking system it does not allow guests at all. Not even if there is a cancellation.

Should you not find a substitute class, it can be converted to a Milonga entrance ticket. 1:1

Workshops & Short Courses can be cancelled and changed to a different one up to 2 days before the course is scheduled to start.

Private classes can be changed if you do this up to 24 hours before the class/appoinment is scheduled to start.

There is no substitution class and no refund if you cancel or do not attend a class after the deadline for online cancellation has passed.

Season Courses: If your partner is not able to attend a specific class, you can bring a substitute of your choice.

In the case that M2tango cancels:

– A season Course, that you have signed up for and have paid for; you can choose either to receive a gift voucher or a refund. This is only the case when the class is cancelled, not when it is merged.

– A specific class in a Season Course or a Workshop; this specific Class will be rescheduled within or immediately following the same season.

– A whole series of Drop-in Classes; the value of your unused classes will be transferred to your online M2tango account as a gift voucher.