Rasmus Schæffer Christensen

Rasmus Schæffer is a graduate of the South Danish Conservatory of Music and has a masters degree in flute.
Rasmus is a really good example that talent should always go hand in hand with self-discipline and practice. He has only danced for 5 years and has nevertheless achieved a high technical level and musical understanding. As a teacher and dancer, Rasmus would like to give the following to his students: Patience mixed with self-discipline. Learn to practice properly so that you can train even if there is only a little time and still get great benefits.
Dare to let go of yourself and let the music lead and move you. Learn to shape his movements. Perhaps especially for the men, to be able to be as beautiful and aesthetic as powerful.
And last but not least, the calm and the ability to listen. To the music, to himself and to his partner.

Den Lille Festival- Esperanza

24.-26. September
In September we are back with a new edition of our “small festival”, where you can take various workshops and seminars and enjoy 2 milongas.
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El Diego – Practica

Tuesday from 20.15 to 23:30
Enjoy our weekly practica with great Dj’s and a well equipped bar
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TangoCafé – Milonga

Every second Saturday
Tango Café is closed at the moment.