When you enroll with a partner

parvis tilmelding til undervisning

First time you use our booking system:

1: Create a profile for yourself and evt. for your partner as well.

2: Enroll in the class you wish as leader or follower and write the name of your partner in Notes

3: Your partner also have to sign up. You can sign your partner up by repeating the process above, or your partner can log in and do it for him- or herself.

4: The enrollment is only registrated when you have approved the purchase at the “Place Order” page.

5: When your enrollment is done, you will receive a mail with payment info.

6: Some classes get filled quickly and it’s important that both you and your partner sign up at the same time. If only one of you have signed up we can’t guarantee a free spot.

NB! It is not enough to write your partners name in the note to sign up you partner. Both of you have to sign up individually.

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New to tango?

Intro classes during summer

Never danced tango before? During our summer program we are offering 4 times intro classes in the period 15th of July – 5th of August

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Beginner’s class starts 27th of August, 20:20-21:50

You have heart of or tried Argentine Tango and really would like to learn this fascinating dance. Register with your partner and experience something very special! .


Have an aha-experience in a private class

For one or two persons

Private lessons are tailor-made tuition, where exercises and corrections are based on your wishes and the level of your dance.

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