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Lower Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced

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Lower Intermediate



At M2tango
At all 4 levels, our professional trainers will keep challenging you, so you always feel small and big progress. With our extensive experience, we know where the next step in your tango development lies. We can therefore safely take you further into new facets of your tango life.

The focus in all the classes

Personal feedback to all the students

We attach great importance to both teachers actively giving personal feedback to each individual in the teaching – both to the leaders and the followers.

In this way, each lesson will give you new insights into the different aspects of tango, from the music, contact, flow, sensibility and improvisation to the overall technique.

You won’t be bored

We are strongly concerned about making the body move beautifully and aesthetically. Good posture is essential for the dance, where the technique is there to make the dance become effortless and simple.

At the same time, we are not afraid to “bore” you with going into depth in details. Each lesson is well prepared and well thought out.

Focus on the pleasure and flow of the dance

The steps should be secondary to the pleasure and flow of the dance, so when you get on the milonga, you will be able to dance with many different partners in a relaxed abrazo focusing on the other and not your steps.

Our teaching to the follower places great emphasis on how you dance and contribute to making the dance feel good for both of you – and how you can make your partner good, not least with lowered shoulders.

We have room for everyone and with our many teachers, you can also choose exactly the teacher that suits you and your temperament.

Vores undervisere

In the teacher group, we train and practice together to constantly become better at the dance itself and to develop our teaching.

At least twice a year, we are visited by the most talented teachers from Argentina. Through this, we get lots of inspiration and new skills. Our goal is to constantly be curious about how we can become better at explaining tango.

We hold seminars for each other, so we get the best tips from each other. You will therefore constantly experience new approaches to how your tango can improve.

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New to tango?

You can get an introduction to the Argentine Tango every Sunday from 13- 14. You need to register with a partner. ATT! Introduction to tango takes a break until the 21st of August
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Beginners courses season Aug-Oct 2022

You have heart of or tried Argentine Tango and really would like to learn this fascinating dance. Register with /or without partner and experience something very special!

Have an aha-experience in a private class

For one or two persons
Private lessons are tailor-made tuition, where exercises and corrections are based on your wishes and the level of your dance.
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