Ruben & Sabrina Veliz

Sabrina & Ruben, 14.-17. October

Sabrina & Ruben are a very popular tango couple, which is not surprising, as they are great teachers and performers. We invited them a second time this year.

They will give workshops and a show weekend 14.-17 of October.

They are without doubt one of the 5 best couples in the world because of their exceptional precision, energy and technical level in their shows in the very classical form of the Tango.
They will touch your emotions and senses and lift the tango up to new heights.

In their workshops Ruben & Sabrina have exceptional pedagogical skills and teach with short and precise explanations and simple instructions. They make even the most complex figures accessible to you.
They are very precise on all the basic things in tango, like balance, caminada and pivots!


All workshops will be hold at M2tango Studio, Kapelvej 46c, 2200 Copenhagen.

>Friday 14/10<

Vals – Complex sacadas for leader and follower  – You will learn the technique in depth and afterwards the sacadas will be combined.
Level: Advanced

Walking – Different qualities
If you can walk in tango you will feel in heaven with your partner.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

>Saturday 15/10<

15:30-17:00 Sensitive Embrace – communication and flexibility Sabrina and Ruben are dancing with a very flexible embrace that allows you freedom and not at least a lot of connection.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

17:15-18:45 Ganchos – Where to do them? In this workshop you will get familiar with the concept and technique
Level: Advanced

20.00- 01.00 GRAN MILONGA
Show with Ruben & Sabrina
Kedelhallen, Nyelandsvej 75a, 2000 Frederiksberg
Corporation M2tango and Blue Lotus

>Sunday 16/10<

16:00-17:30 Follower Technique – Fundamental Last time Sabrina was here and we did a followers technique the queue was long. Her online classes are followed worldwide.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

>Monday 17/10<

17:30-19:00 Follower Technique – Aesthetics & Adornos The aesthetique of Sabrina is second to none. Her precision in movement from long training is worth studying.
Level: Advanced

19:15-20:45 Technique for leaders – Fundamentals & Adornos Rubens movements are smooth and effortless and based of very conscious work with the technique. The adornos he does are thrilling and admirable.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced