Agustina Berenstein & Germán Cuestas

Agustina Berenstein & Germán Cuestas,
16.-17. oktober 2023

We are excited to welcome Agustina Berenstein to M2tango Studio. Together with Germán Cuestas they will teach a tango workshop on Flow, Circularity and Improvisation.

Agustina er en argentinsk tangodanser fra Buenos Aires, som underviser og optræder i forskellige festivaler og tango-arrangementer over hele verden. Hun kommer fra en skole, der fokuserer på fleksibilitet, personlig udtryk og cirkularitet. Hendes undervisning prioriterer altid komfort og vil give dig et ærligt og konstruktivt perspektiv.


Mandag 16/10

Day 1: Flow and circularity

The first day we dive into circularity, and different ways of moving around each other.
The goal is to have a clean and smooth giro and a understanding of planeos/calesitas – to be able to do a giro followed by a calesita or vice versa.

Tirsdag 17/10

Day 2: Improvisation

Improvisation is a combination of elements: contact, musicality, figures, and ++.
In this workshop we work with improvisation using different games and exercises focusing on contact, rhythms, phrases and changing of systems.

The goal is to make music a source for your creativity in the improvisation and enjoying the dance.

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Priser p. person

Two days: 850 dkk
One day: 450 dkk