Natacha Lockwood & Andrés Molina

Natacha Lockwood & Andrés Molina,
13.-14. januar 2024

She is from Paris.
He comes from Buenos Aires.
Andrés and Natacha met in the milongas porteñas at the beginning of 2015. Each one brought their personal journey, and together with the support of the best teachers in France and Argentina, they chose to develop a new outlook on tango, which defined them as a rising couple on the international scene.
They are now essential dancers in Paris where they teach regularly and have become famous for their pedagogy. Through precise body technique, they teach their students how to get the best out of social dancing.
They aspire to a warm and natural dance, cleared of tensions and far from “clichés”, focusing on a clear communication and inspired improvisation, mixing their powerful energy with the softness of contact, the intimate connection of the close embrace with the freedom of movement.

Insatiable, Andrés and Natacha always throw themselves into new challenges, from social dance, to stage, or creative video projects. They never stop exploring new paths to enrich more and more their knowledge and pedagogy, and appear as a multifaceted couple in perpetual search for innovation.

It is with great pleasure that we at M2tango can host them as visiting teachers!


All workshops are designed for dancers above Intermediate 3/Letøvet 3. 

Lørdag 13/1

About Following and Leading

Deep couple technique.
What is leading? What is following? What does it mean to be active? How to do it? Let’s try the way we like to connect in order to get a state of feeling more than thinking. Inspire and get inspired by your partner!

Milonga traspié. Move your booty! 

Let’s challenge yourself with different kinds of traspié : let’s try the way we like to use the floor and weight for a better connection and groovy sensation.

21.00 – 01.00
Milonga med Show af Natacha & Andrés på La Casa del Tango

Søndag 14/1

Musicality and quality of movement. Make each tanda special

Open your ears and find inspiration exploring different ways of listening the music and adapting your interpretation with technique and qualities of movements. From your tiptoes until the top of your head, dance with new colors and sensations to make memorable tandas.

Out of axis, playing with the axis

What is to be on axis, how do I propose to my partner to get out of axis, how do we communicate the way we use our weight and manage the weight of the other? Explore all this and find comfort keeping your back safe and healthy.

Priser Dkr/pr. pers.
1x Workshop (1,5 h): 275,- 
1x Seminar (3 h): 550,-
1x Seminar + 1x Workshops: 750,-
2x Seminar + 2x Workshops: 1400,-