Marina Teves

Marina has been dancing tango professionally and teaching for the last nine years. Her tango is rooted traditional styles.

Together with Rodrigo they have taught and performed both in Buenos Aires where they worked at different tango schools and performed at the most prestigious milongas, and also abroad: Copenhagen, Seoul, Munich, Berlin, St Petersburg, Torino, Ottawa, Toronto, etc, being maestros of Festivals, Jury of different championships and resident teachers in tango schools. 

In 2022 they got the 5th place in the World Tango Championship in Tango de Pista, también in Buenos Aires. 

Nowadays they host their own milonga in Buenos Aires, called “Siga el Baile” in the mythic Club Fulgor de Villa Crespo. 

Marina and Rodrigo are passionate about sharing their knowledge of tango, they have honed their teaching to have fun while learning to improve their student’s tango both in and out of class.