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Why Cecilia Gonzalez – by Hany & Bryndis

Normally you will read the sales pitches for a visiting teacher. And we do have one too. Please read at the bottom. However, Hany and Bryndis here give there own personal account of what it is to be in the hands of Cecilia Gonzalez.


In the time when tango became an important part of my life, I searched for a role-model, a female dancer I could learn from. I was watching numerous videos on the internet and was so lucky to stumble over one that immediately caught my eye. A performance with Fabian Salas and. Cecilia Gonzalez. Her way of dancing intrigued me and she was the one I wanted to learn from. I met Cecilia the first time in Buenos Aires and took privates with her. My finding was, that Cecilia is not only a great dancer, but as well a wonderful person, radiating warmth and joyfulness. We immediately became friends and during the next years she became my and Hany’s tutor in all tango aspects.

What intrigues me the most with Cecilia’s dance style are her long lines, the flow and subtlety of her movements, not disturbing the music with too many adornos, which makes her dance clear and aesthetic. I would consider her a very “classical” dancer and that is exactly what I aim for myself.


Bryndis asked me to take classes together with Cecilia, as she had decided that Cecilia was the one she wanted to learn from. I happily agreed to this idea and so we had our first class in Palermo, a wonderful part of BA. Cecilia is a very nice and gentle person, in her teaching she is very exact and demanding. I appreciated her forwardness and bluntness even though it was quite hard for my ego. Cecilia gave me through the years a great understanding of the dance, inspired me to listen more to my body than my brain and being more daring in my improvisation. Always with the notion that my partner is nr. 1, 2 and 3.

Today I appreciate being Cecilia’s friend and enjoy a great deal to dance with her, as it is great joy and fun to do so. I am looking very much forward for her coming to Copenhagen.

Book workshops with her. You can also book privates by writing Bryndis an email: bryndis@m2tango.dk

We are proud to welcome Cecilia Gonzalez to M2tango Studio. It will be her first visit to Denmark. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the important female dancers of our generation

Cecilia González is an exquisite dancer who, since 1995, has worked with the most reknown Argentinean dancers of her generation, as Fabian Salas and Chicho Frumboli. Her dancing is characterized by her technical precision, the fluidity and elegance of her movements, and a remarkable capacity to improvise. Cecilia effortlessly shares her extensive knowledge and passion with her students. She is regularly invited to international Argentine tango festivals and teaches workshops around the world. In the last years she has worked with Donato Juarez, Somer Surgit and Ney Melo, as well as Julio Balmaceda. Cecilia also frequently gives workshops alone, as she both leads and follows in her teaching.


8. april, 2013 – Martinnymann