Tango for me

I started dancing Tango in Buenos Aires. I went to my first lesson with my mum when I was 16 years old. Tango came to me through my family and at the time I started dancing I had no clue in how big it would become for me!

Tango wasn’t a common activity for people of my age, in fact the age average of that first lesson was 40+, something suitable I assumed for being my mother’s weekly activity.

When we got there, the first thing the teachers did was to put us with different partners. Also because my mother being a little bit more experienced, I had to learn and receive my first instructions with a total stranger.

So, separated from the group, partnering me with a much more advanced student, and standing in front of this 30-ish years old lady I had never met before in my life. You can maybe imagine how I felt.

I still remember today me falling into a pure state of panic. In the first strike I was out of my comfort zone. I tried to fight it, but it was in vain, I was trembling big time and there was nothing I could do to calm it. Fortunately, no more than 10 minutes later the teachers asked all the students to change partners, allowing me to return to group. Then, I started practicing with my mum and other beginners and finally calmed down from the initial shock.

What l find fascinating is the lesson my teachers -willingly or unwillingly- taught me that time. Learning Tango implies human and social interaction.

From that first lesson on, my entire life changed.

First, the encounter with the tango expanded my social life and network. I started frequenting places my friends from school would not go to. I started to interact with older people than me who were in completely different stages of life. It definitely changed my life style, my hours of sleep, my music taste and so many other things.
But if I would have to choose among all the benefits brought into my life, it would be the physiological and psychological advantages you get from dancing Tango.

Tango is an instrument of expression with healing powers. I think it can and will affect positively other aspects of your life due to it’s human nature.
I believe we can become more understanding and empathic when we dance together with others.
Tango also requires movement in synch which, anthropological speaking, creates roots that connects us as humans.

Overall, I think Tango is a very complete discipline that opened the world to me both figuratively and literally. It pushes me to become a better person, dancer and human every day. It’s indeed a beautiful journey.

Do you want to experience something similar, or join a tango journey that can bring you somewhere, maybe for now, unknown? We will in our classes both with fixed and without fixed partner, Nassia and me, do our very best to help you to embark unto a beautiful journey.
Every Wednesday and Saturday, you can learn tango with us.